Saturday December 20 2014

The other morning, [First Name], as is my week day practice , of walking 5k or more with my trusted morning companion Felix, my short-haired German Pointer, I watched as a crescent moon  sailed out of dark clouds into clear sky , not yet touched by sunrise. But already the bright edge of the crescent pointed clearly to the east and the promise of a spectacular dawn. Just the other morning, I looked at the moon, which appeared to be pulled through the sky by a bright light. Could it be one of the reindeer out for practice, instead of the heavily laden sleigh, pulling the much lighter moon across the predawn sky.? No, as it turns out, Saturn (The Lord of the Rings) as I recently saw it dubbed, shone brightly just to the north of the moon, and the motion of the rapidly moving clouds, made it look like something pulled the moon through the heavens. And in either case and in both instances, I appreciated the magic of this grand creation, the universe, with awe and wonder.

Nothing so quickly takes us out of ourselves, and our indulgent self-importance like some astral magic that reminds us how immensely huge and diverse, and spectacular is the stage upon which we play out our lives.

Our ancestors born out in the African veldt, lived their entire lives under the cathedral of the heavens, and spent nights of speculation and introspection gazing up at a lake of stars, their brightness undiminished by luminous city lights.

Our lights, made so that we can see the road directly ahead of us, see what dangers might lurk in the shadows, also blinds us to the magnificence of our moment here.

Out on the savanna, gathered around the flickering yellow light of our camp fire, with night noises floating on the warm equatorial air we told stories about creation, made up mythical beings in the heavens with powers to change the course of human destiny.

Later as the little ones drifted off into the world of slumber, we reflected on our place within the vastness, of the day past, and the coming trials of dawn. And just before we ourselves drifted off we would reach out a hand and seem to touch the face of God.

In our modern world with all its cynicism and travails it’s easy to lose our personal connection to that vital spark of God.  

With a little practice, sharpening our skill (it is a skill) of looking inward where the spark always resides we can find ourselves again enthralled by a starscape dripping wonder, all the way down to that far off horizon. We can inhabit a space where it is possible for a star to lead us to a manger or to any treasure our hearts call out for. And yes, with a little practice, we to can go with in, to touch our sacred face which is the face of God.

With Love

Nick Grimshawe.

A Christmas Gift to You. The Gift of Introspection



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