9/11 Angels: Sunday Inspirational Video #176

World Trade Center aerial view March 2001
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Like me, I am sure you find it hard to believe that ten years have passed since the  first plane  flew into one of the towers at the World Trade Center. I am sure you will never erase those horrible pictures from your mind. Yet out of the rubble of those two amazing buildings came renewal, and strength and hope and faith and a new story about what it means to give so unselfishly of one’s all to save the lives of others. The tragedy gave us a new story about compassion and love, and grace under fire. The tragedy gave us a new story about hope even when the world seem to be coming apart.


Many brave men a women gave their lives as the towers came crumbling down to set a new and shining example of what it means to be a free people, free to act towards the greatest good.

And we also inherited from those brave heroes, a new story, a new paradigm, about the futility of hate, about the emptiness of destruction, about the lack of power hatred truly has.

Only the weak and enslaved destroy. Only the strong and the free build up. We have seen the proof of that with our own eyes. That the world has still to understand that lesson doesn’t make the message any more powerful.

The only way you can truly change the world is through love, through courage, and through freedom.

I once stood at the base of the World Trade Center and craned my neck back to marvel at what to me represented what we are capable off as human beings.

They are gone now, those twin towers, but what they represented is standing  still. The spirit towers will always stand.


Take a moment to watch this inspirational video about the positives that came out of the tragedy. While sobering, the towers still represent what is the best in all of us… the spirit of creation and love.

Take time today to enjoy this very Special Sunday and to share it with those you love and cherish…and remember to walk with them in quiet places and give thanks to all of those throughout history that have sacrifice that we may enjoy our place in the sun.


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