3 Abundance Hacks to Help You Change Your Money Mindset



I’ve talked about this often, Abundance is a state of mind. If you honestly feel abundant the abundance will continue to flow to you. Unfortunately  self limiting beliefs about money, especially the things we heard and saw as we grew up, which we’ve taken into ourselves unconsciously, now act upon us in unseen and unwelcomed ways.

Finding those hidden beliefs and bringing them to consciousness is a process of discovery dependent on increase awareness and observations of our inner dialogue about money, and the use of tools to help us visualize and allow more abundance into our lives.

I offer you some tools to use and I urge you to follow the links or do the exercises that I outline here. Most of these are not my ideas, they are tools created by very talented people who developed ways to help us all visualize and practice abundance.


1.Play the Prosperity Game. You may have heard about this, maybe even tried it. Below is a link to the a full explanation of the game. I’ve played the game on and off but I’m making a commitment before you all today to play this consistently for 66 days, minimum. I suggest that you open a simple Excel sheet, to track your deposits and checks each day. I have some old checkbooks to use for check writing. The basic idea is to deposit into your abundance account $1000 for every day that you play the game.The details are written out here. Go take a look, figure out how you will set it up and they we can play this together, keep each other honest. Okay? http://bit.ly/1zCusTu

2.New Moon Abundance checks. I may have mention this last week but I want to mention it again here. Since you are going to be busy writing out checks and spending money, what’s one more. The instructions for writing an abundance check can be found on the website and I suggest you sign up to receive the monthly reminders of when to write these checks. http://bit.ly/1CbbCmm

3. Increase the Size of You Receiving Box:  In his book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth which I highly recommend T. Harv Eker talks about one of the reasons why people have trouble with Abundance is because they are poor receivers. You may be wonderful at giving, enjoy giving, love the feeling you get when you give of yourself in some way to others. Part of abundance training is learning to give. But this is a dual universe in which there are at least two flows. If you look at giving as an outflow, then receiving is an inflow. These flows need to be in balance. If you give and never receive then eventually your flow becomes stuck. Because most of us are more comfortable with giving than receiving Mr Eker suggested we increase the size of our receiving box. Now you can do this is many ways…here are some of my suggestions:

  • Clean out your wallet and organize it. If you wallets are so full you couldn’t stuff another thing into it, then you don’t have room to receive more money. File receipts, organize you cards…credit cards in one place, debit cards in another, and reward cards in yet another.If your wallet isn’t big enough, either edit some more or go by a bigger wallet.
  • Add bank accounts for things you want to receive. Today this is usually very simple, a few clicks of the mouse. Some banks like Tangerine allow you to actually put a specific day to your account, others you are allow a generic name. As you do this realize you are creating more spaces for money to flow into.
  • Create your own receiving mantra for anything and I mean anything you receive be it a penny, a big check, a hug, a card, anything. Something like: I am so happy and excited to receive this__________, thank you universe, or some such. Make up your own and use it.


If I think of more, or discover a tool someone else is using I will add it to the list. I will let you know where I post the list.
If you have anything to add to this, a game or an idea, please let me know in the comment section below.



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