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Esther Hicks Speaks Her Heart to Reid Tracy

Esther Hicks interviewed

Esther Hicks talks about the death of her husband Jerry

In a rare and very personal interview, Esther Hicks and Abraham join Hay House President & CEO Reid Tracy to discuss her life and how it has changed since Abraham became a part of it. They discuss the recent loss of her husband, Jerry Hicks, his transition and their ongoing connection, their 30+ year marriage and the early years with Abraham.

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Watch as Esther relates the personal practices and tools she has learned from Abraham and employs in her everyday life and gives advice that everyone can use in applying those processes, including the amusing origin of the “Placemat Process.”

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In this engaging conversation, Abraham speaks about the evolution of law of attraction, the vortex and the grid and creating your own reality through your vibration.

Discover the answers to many thought provoking questions such as: how to apply the law of attraction to creating financial success, what happens to Abraham when Esther transitions and lessons from the Newtown killings.

This video is one of six sneak previews of the upcoming Hay House World Summit, which starts on Saturday, June 1st.

The Hay House World Summit is a free, online, entertaining and educational experience airing worldwide from June 1st to June 10th.

This exclusive event series features more than 100 authors and experts who will share their experiences and knowledge in personal interviews covering topics from intuitive abilities to meditation and affirmations. Learn from your favorite authors, hear their individual stories of success and growth, and participate in guided exercises.

When you register for the Hay House World Summit you will receive this video with Esther Hicks and Reid Tracy plus 5 other bonus videos, so you can start your healing journey with your favorite authors right away!

This emotionally powerful and informative interview with Esther and Abraham will help you rid yourself of blocks and find your natural resonance with source.

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P.S. This video is a free 10-minute sneak preview of an hour long conversation that includes never-before-heard practical tips and advice from Abraham and Esther Hicks.

When you register for the entire World Summit you will have the opportunity to hear the entire hour long conversation for free!

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