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Why Bother Leaving the House? Sunday Inspirational Video #225

Funny enough, this morning as I looked  across the lake outside our cabin I asked that very questions.  Felix, my trusted companion, and me were warm and even toasty as we gazed out across the freezing lake and the cold gray sky. We had everything we needed inside, food, water, coffee, heat, TV, internet, cell phone, music, treats. Yet we were drawn outward to that  wild, windy, weather to hike along the roadways, up hills and down dales…for what.? Something that is totally beyond any reasonable answer I can give. And while the magnitude of this talk by  Ben Saunders is far greater than our experience at the same time the question and the answer are the same.

Watch and enjoy. Let me know what you think below in the comment section.

Remember, as always, this is a very special day, never to be experience again in the same way. Be sure to share it and walk in quiet places.

Be inspired

Nick Grimshawe

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