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We are all different, and should do what we can do to remain so.

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Keep Your Difference

Some time in youth we get this idea that we need to fit in with the crowd. Thus begins the gymnastics of contorting both body and soul into forms that, no matter how cunningly created, simply do not fit.

As we enter into young adulthood, some manage to shake off these mangled forms for the freedom of self, but many of us continue on, attempting to “fit” the shape of the moment, afraid to live as our spirit calls out for.

As we become older , there is a steady trickle of prison breaks but too many never manage to plot a path to freedom.

Celebrating our differences, our individual uniqueness, our own special shape and form, allows us in that strange warp of duality to fit more perfectly with the uniqueness
of others.

Celebrate your differences for they allow you to touch all the points of similarity along the curve of our souls.

Embrace your difference for what is the same in all of us.

And walk in quiet places.


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