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Six Audios to Living a Debt Free Life

Pay off all your debts and

retire a debt-free millionaire!

Dear Reader
If you are an average person with an average household income, you can get completely out of debt in about five to seven years.
And it’s all done using the same money you are already bringing home.
Today, you can learn how to simply and safely invest the money that you’ve been wasting on debt payments each month so that you can achieve financial independence.
You are invited to a six-day, online event created by wealth expert John Cummuta and presented by Learning Strategies. It is called the Debt into Wealth Mindfest, and it is yours free with no obligation.
This online event begins February 9, but your first session is ready right now. Just click here and you can be listening in a few short minutes.
Get back in control!

Free of charge.

* On your FIRST day, which contains two audio sessions, you will learn that every dollar that comes into your life is going to build someone’s wealth. But whose wealth might it actually be building?
* Your SECOND day, which contains two audio sessions, is the start of your financial “do-over.” You will see that your financial attitude determines your wealth potential. You’re going to want to take notes during today’s two sessions!
* On your THIRD day, which contains two audio sessions, you will put together the largest “accelerator margin” you can. The larger your accelerator margin…the sooner you are out of debt! Today’s sessions build nicely on the previous day, so do your best to attend as many days as possible.
* On your FOURTH day, which contains one audio session, focus shifts to examining ways to build your wealth. You will also look at stock market investing.
* On your FIFTH day, which contains two audio sessions, you will look at real estate as a potential investment in your asset allocation mix. And a good place to start this discussion is at home…your home.
* On your SIXTH and final day, which contains two audio sessions, you will concentrate on a completely different aspect of how getting debt-free can change your life.
Focus every dollar you’re currently wasting on debt payments toward building your wealth.
It doesn’t matter how much money you make or how much you owe. Your debts are proportionate to your income, no matter what that income is.
In the Debt into Wealth Mindfest, you will develop an “accelerator margin” that will increase the amount of free cash flow you have each month until your debt is gone and you can retire a millionaire.
This system works…every time…when it’s followed. It has to work. It’s pure and simple math that makes it work.
These free online sessions will help you regain financial freedom. It starts by claiming your Free Pass and listening to your first session right now. Over one million people have already listened.
Yes! I want my free pass to the Debt Into Wealth Mindfest
Get out of the quicksand of debt.
Start building real, stress-free financial independence.
It’s a system that is working right now, today, for almost a million people like you and me.
Feel free to pass this email onto your friends. Let’s give everyone a chance to join in.

For your personal best,

Nick Grimshawe

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