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Canadian Remembrance

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Editor’s note: Today is the day that Canadians Remember all those who gave their lives for (we) the living. I have used the same words as last year. I just can’t find a better way to express the feelings. I have included a link to really heart felt song about the importance of remembering as well and a video for all to remember by.


On a day of remembrance for all who have fallen whether in war, or challenging at the edge of possibility, in an effort to extend to us, the living, the glory of all life, this is a fitting tribute from us to them.

Our most precious values do not come with out pain, or suffering , or sorrow. They come at the price of dedicated men and women, who believe in a world where we ought to have the right to aspire to the highest possible human values, such as freedom, justice, and peace.

They are not to be mourned but to be raised up. The tears we shed should be the tears of gratitude and joy, for all the amazing gifts, they have bestowed upon our world.

Their passage through this “NOW” blazed a trail for us to follow, and revealed new paths for us to explore and challenge, and yes, even die for.

This is a day to remember those we have lost, but it is also a day to celebrate their lives, to celebrate because they showed us how to light the darkness with our souls. There is no higher cause than selfless service regardless of cost.

While you listen to the music, celebrate your heroes both past and present, and let the glow of your love for them, warm the world.


Here is the link:

This is very moving.

This Video I think evokes everything that remembrance is about. poignant, sad, beautiful and inspiring.

My gratitude to every one of those lost lives.


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