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I Challenge You and Dare You With : Sunday Inspirational Video #246

When you open your eyes on a new day ,you should appreciate the moment,  feel wonder, experience excitement. It is your moment of renewal, or rebirth, of new beginnings. Every morning we get the chance to start fresh in a new moment of time.

Unfortunately what actually for so many people is a sense of dread, of facing unresolved issues, of dragging our tired old body through the motions yet again, of thinking ahead to the jangle of the traffic, the meeting with your boss, the deadlines, and the overflowing email.

When we start our day like that we miss the magic, and the opportunity to take command of our day, and win back our control and our ability to have a profound impact on our day and redirect the day towards our own agenda so that we create a congruence in our lives that reaches forward into the day to grasp the joy, and inspiration within in.

A morning practices helps you create your days instead of reacting to them.

Here is one great place to start.

I challenge you to watch this short video, not just today…Sunday, but everyday this week. And I dare you to tell me your found no difference in your day.



Take time today, to walk in quiet places and take a loved one with you, or hold the imaginary hand of a lost family member or friend, and  bask in the solitude of those shared moments.


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